Tickets Purchased

I bought the tickets for my fall trip to Thailand.  This time, rather than a 30 day Tourist visa, I’m going to be working on a multiple entry Non-Immigrant visa.  I have the letters I need from Thailand, but in order to submit the application to the Embassy, I already need a ticket in hand.  I’ve got a little bit more to do on the application, but I ought to be able to mail that off tomorrow.  I have my pre-paid envelope with proper postage, and I have the processing fee as a USPS Money Order.  I have passport photos of me wearing a jacket and a tie.  I think I’m pretty much all set.

Next step will be to get it in the mail, and wait for the response from the Embassy.

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  1. So, the Embassy called, and for the volunteer work I’ll be doing, I can only get a three month single entry visa. To complete the six month commitment, I’m going to have to apply for a visa extension at the local Immigration Office. Should be interesting.

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