Fish Cam v2

Fish Cam v1 I was planning on using a camera / computer mount designed to stick on a glass window. As well as that would work on a glass fish tank, on a cement pond, it’s proven to be a logistical nightmare. Enter version 2:

computer on a spatula
Computer on a spatula.

The rethought version uses an infrared camera module with two infrared lights, so the camera should work nighttime or daytime. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has also come out with a new model of the Pi Zero that includes WiFi on the board, and a new case that fits the Pi Zero perfectly. 

The two things I’m waiting for now are an extra long right angle micro USB cable I ordered from eBay to power the Pi, and a tube of RTV to glue the spatula to the bottom of the concrete railing. The spatula ought to be able to get the camera out over the water while still keeping the Pi under and protected by the concrete. I don’t want to glue anything until I can test the positioning, so the next step is waiting on the Post Person to deliver my power cable. 

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