Getting back to how things were–kinda-sorta

When the travel theme I’d been using not only stopped development, but shut down their support site, and the theme broke with an update to the baseline WordPress, I really had no choice to change themes. I picked Twenty-Seventeen since it’s a baseline theme from WordPress. It ought to be around for a while. 

There are a few things I lost though:

  • Google Map with map pins for posts, that link back to the post.
  • A weighted Tag Cloud where the more often a tag is used, the larger the tag is.
  • Automatic page breaks, or “read more” to hide long posts on the home page.

I haven’t sorted the first one yet, but “Options for Twenty Seventeen” by Oliver Campion handily takes care of the latter two. If you’re looking for something to polish some of the rough edges of Twenty Seventeen, I have no reservations about recommending “Options for Twenty Seventeen”. Mr. Campion is a responsive developer and was quick to step in and resolve an upgrade issue I was having getting the plugin activated. 

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