Loi Krathong

We recently celebrated Loi Krathong at the Foundation. This festival is filled with food, and music, and dancing, and singing, and having a great time. The loi krathongs we had at the Foundation were made in the old fashioned way, a round from a banana tree, wrapped in banana leaves, with some flowers and incense sticks.

Loi Krathong at Father Ray Foundation

One of the teaching staff was wearing a traditional Thai costume, along with (I think) her daughter. The teacher is in another area, so I don’t know her name, but she was kind enough to pose for a photograph with me.

After an early celebration at the Foundation, several friends and I went down to Beach Road and launched another Loi Krathong into the ocean. It ended up turning into a long night, and a ~lot~ of walking, but it was also a lot of fun.

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  1. Gar,
    The white you are wearing is sort of old school too.If I am not mistaken these costumes are from around the time of the 4th King in the dynasty, who was the dad in the King and I and Thai folks could tell you from what region of the country because they are all different. When we got married we dressed in traditional garb in the morning with Buddhist priests and it did not seem to matter which area you chose-just whatever you liked but I think maybe you supposed to match in region. We did the western clothes (wedding gown and penguin suit) in the evening at the reception. Actually neither set was very comfortable and can’t imagine having to wear either all the time. Happy Thai New Year!

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