Wat Phu Thok


Back on the 29th of December, we took a trip to Wat Phu Thok (Wat Jetiyakhiri) maybe four or five hours to the northeast of the city of Udon Thani. Bua, Pop, and I were visiting some old friends of …

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Be my neighbor? Revisited


My previous post was about a home for sale. There’s a newly remodeled place down the way that is for rent. As you can see, close neighbors are not an issue with this place. If you head left from this …

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Be My Neighbor?


Feel like moving to the country, while still being near the city? The house down the way is for sale, at around $22,000 USD or 700,000 baht. The road in front is dirt now, but within a few months it …

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Moving to the Northern City


After long and careful consideration (Bua looked at the house and loved it), we’ve moved to the city of Udon Thani, in the province of Udon Thani. We’re now in a detached, single family home just a tiny bit inside …

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