Tiny Walk Along the Beach

A short while back I was down in Pattaya to visit with some friends for Australia Day, even though I’m not Australian. Mostly it was just a day to pick when we’d all come down from wherever we’re living across Thailand, and meet up for an evening to drink beer and swap stories. It was a lot like what Burningman became to me over time, a single physical location, and a single point in time where I could meet up with geographically scattered friends.

Anyway, for part of one of the days, I took my 360 degree camera down to Beach Road in Pattaya. These photos were taken with a Samsung Gear 360 (2017) camera (about $100 USD) and edited with the free Gear 360 android application on my phone. I did not need to use any other computers or software to change the spherical images into flat ‘Tiny Planet’ photos. The only other addition is that I do use a remote bluetooth trigger to activate the shutter.

enjoying a drink
A mango smoothie on the beach
Strolling down the beachwalk
building out the beach
A lot of beach reconstruction going on
The start of my walk. Beach Road and Pattaya Klang in Pattaya Thailand

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